re:connecting to nature, art and soul

Most people use only half of their brain—the logical, verbal side—when designing, planning,  managing and evaluating projects.  We’ve all got used to working that way, so it’s usually taken for granted. 

But maybe you’re someone who dares to dream about doing things differently…

About making your workplace more joyful, colourful, playful and creative?

About transforming your organisation or project by reconnecting it with nature, the arts, and people’s core values and soul purpose?

About designing education and training programmes that help students access their intuitive, non-verbal ‘right brain’, opening up a wealth of new ideas and possibilities?

If so, Green Spiral Arts can change your world…

we are all blemished by Gemma Burford

Green Spiral Arts is a different kind of organisational development consultancy.

Our aim isn’t to get you ‘thinking outside the box’, but to help you realise there’s no box.

As a director, leader, manager, coach or inspirational teacher, you can change the vision and the reality of your organisation – starting right now.  You can say “YES!!” to more laughter, more joy, more shared meals, more colour, more student or staff engagement, more doodling, more fresh air, more space for reflection, more walks by the river… whatever it is that you and your staff find most meaningful, valuable and worthwhile.

Unity in Diversity by Gemma Burford


We can offer arts-based coaching programmes, workshops, online courses and VIP Days to help you focus your energies on achieving the outcomes that matter most to you, in the face of increasing pressure to do more with less.  Maybe you want to…

…Transform the well-being, motivation and productivity of your staff?

…Set goals for ‘living out’ your values in practice, and monitor progress towards them?

…Build strong networks, genuine partnerships and effective collaborations?

…Find fun, creative ways to defuse tensions or overcome communication problems?

…Turn a merger or leadership transition into an opportunity for lasting change?

…Discover ways of evidencing and communicating the ‘added value’ of your program?


To help you explore the many ways that our unique ‘reconnection’ approach can transform your project or organisation, we offer a complimentary Discovery Session (by phone, Skype, Google Hangout, through our Virtual Classroom online platform, or in person – depending on your geographical location) with absolutely no obligation and no risk to you.

To book your Discovery Session, please complete the form below:





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