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Do it for love, or not at all!



It’s frighteningly easy to say ‘yes’ to things because we think someone expects us to, and then discover at the end of the day that we’ve taken on too much and can’t finish it all.  Not only do we end up disappointing the very people we were hoping to impress, but worse still, we let ourselves down because we STILL haven’t made time for that one special thing that we’re yearning to do.

We end up breaking promises, running up debts and backing out of commitments, and are left feeling frustrated, martyred, and resentful of the people who asked us to do the stuff in the first place.   Either that, or we keep up the fiction that we can ‘do it all’, and carry on trying to juggle seven plates and a flaming torch…until we drop ALL the plates and burn ourselves out completely, because a physical or mental health crisis comes along and we have to stop absolutely everything.

I hadn’t realised how deeply I was stuck in that particular behaviour pattern, until someone did it to me – and then proceeded to explain, in a beautifully clear and well-thought-out way, exactly why she’d changed her mind about the commitment that she’d made to me.   At first I was upset about it, but after sleeping on it, I had a new breakthrough.

What I realised is that through living in Tanzania, I became a world expert in putting other people’s needs ahead of my own – because other people’s needs were usually urgent and sometimes life-threatening.  I didn’t care if I had to sleep on a bed made of sticks with a couple of animal skins thrown over the top, and get bitten to death by fleas, as long as I was ‘making a difference’.  It didn’t matter to me if I had to live on boiled maize and soya beans for three days, as long as The Work got done.   As for savings – forget it.  Pah, who am I to worry about a savings account when the mother of the plumber that I’ve hired to fix the shower (yes, this is a real-life example…) has cerebral malaria, and her life depends on medicine that costs $10, and I’m the only person in the plumber’s immediate orbit with a ‘spare’ $10?

There was always a `plumber’s mother’, or some other such walk-on character in my drama, who seemingly had a greater need for my time and my money than I did.

Yet after coming back to the UK, I started carrying that same sense of obligation into other things, which weren’t matters of life and death.  The kids want to go to Tanzania and visit their family?  Of course they must – even if I have to put it on a credit card, and don’t have a plan for paying it off.  The teacher at the village nursery school wants me to take over paying his salary, because his funders have pulled out?  Well, I wouldn’t want the nursery school to be forced to close – even if I’m behind with my bills.  Someone wants me to do this, buy that, go there?  Has to be done, I suppose – even if I can’t really afford it.

So this morning, I woke up with the lyrics to a new song in my head – “For Love, Or Not At All”.  I think this could be a helpful song for me, because it’s pushing me to examine my own motivations every time I’m on the point of saying ‘yes’ to a substantial commitment of time or money.  That doesn’t mean I’ll never offer to help anyone again, but it means I’ll try to be more realistic with the promises that I make, and ask myself questions like these:

Am I doing this because I really, truly care about it?  (Or is it because I’m afraid that you’ll think badly of me if I say no?) 

If yes: Have I got the time, energy and resources to do this properly, without hurting myself or anyone else?  (Or would it be at the expense of my true soulwork, if I agreed to do it?)

If yes: Am I the right person to do it?  (Or would it actually be more helpful, in the long run, if I just directed you to someone who already has this skill set?)

If yes: Is this the right time for me to do it?  (Or would it be more appropriate to wait until later?)


This song still makes me squirm and feel selfish.  But I’m going to keep singing it until I’m comfortable with it, because like Ani DiFranco in ‘Circle of Light’, “I ain’t got time for half-way, I ain’t got time for half-assed’.  I’m tired of wearing myself out with half-hearted commitments, and doing things ‘just for the sake of the money’.  Money is essential to life, of course, but money loves to flow wherever Love is – and when I’ve tried to do things `just for the money’ in the past, they haven’t tended to work out well.   As I sing in Limitless Flow, “Money is sacred energy made tangible.”

My aim is to reach a point where if someone asks me to do something, I can either do it for Love, or delegate it to someone who really will love it…


For Love, Or Not At All

I will do it just because it sets my heart on fire,

I will do it just because it’s my spirit’s deep desire,

I will do it just because I have heard that inner call:

I will do it for Love, or not at all!


Not because of habit, not because I feel I should,

Not because, if I don’t, you’ll say that I’m no good;

Not because I’m under pressure, not because I want the fame,

Not because I need the money, or fans to shout my name,

Not because everyone else is doing it, not just because I can,

Not because I think I have to prove to you who I am…


I will link it to the songs my heart still yearns to sing,

I will link it to the joy my soul’s true work can bring,

I will link it to the dream that is always burning bright,

I will do it because it feels so right!


Not because of habit, not because I feel I should…


I will do it now because Love won’t let me refuse,

For my hands are just the tools that Spirit wants to use,

I will do it so that through me, the light of Love will shine,

I will do it because this work is mine!


Not because of habit, not because I feel I should…


I will do it just because I have heard that inner call:

I will do it for Love, or not at all!


‘Who We Are’ – song lyrics

spark at centre

This song is dedicated to everyone who’s going to be involved in ‘Reconnecting Education’, our global movement for education that focuses on igniting Deep Love in people’s hearts by helping them reconnect with nature, creativity, community and their authentic emotions.

Reconnecting Education will be launching on March 20th, Spring Equinox, with a dedication ceremony shortly after 12 noon at the beautiful Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, England.  On the same day, our Patreon platform will go live!  I’ll be posting more information in the next few days to let you know how you can get involved, but meanwhile please feel free to e-mail me if you’d like a sneak preview.

Enjoy these lyrics while I am still getting up the courage to post the audio. I’m aiming to do that before launch day.  One step at a time…


There’s no dream too big for us, and in our souls we always knew it:

We’ve waved goodbye to doubts and fears, and now we’re certain we can do it…

We’ve seen the way that things can be, now it’s our time, the world is waiting…

With shining eyes we spread the word about the vision we’re creating.

Now the spark at the centre of our spiral is alight, and we’re on fire,

And the energy of love flows through us, bringing all that we desire…

Now we’re spinning in space like a cosmic superstar,

Now we’ve woken up and remembered who we are.

Touch a heart, transform a life: for us it only takes a minute.

And if we don’t know where we’re going, let’s just trust, and then begin it…

Let’s make some miracles today, we are the source of hope and healing:

We’ll sing it all from soul to soul, there is no language for this feeling!



Now the spark at the centre of our spiral is alight, and we’re on fire,

And the energy of love flows through us, bringing all that we desire…

Now we’re spinning in space like a cosmic superstar,

Now we’ve woken up and remembered who we are.



Who you are is who I am, and who we are is the beginning,

We are the light, we are the love that keeps the stars and planets spinning,

We stand united and we know the time has come to reconnect now,

And we’ll create an education built on justice and respect now!



When the spark at the centre of your spiral’s set alight, you’ll be on fire,

Let the energy of love flow through you, bringing all that you desire…

Join us spinning in space like a cosmic superstar,

For you’ve woken up and remembered who you are.


By Gemma Burford, 2017.  Shared under Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike (BY-SA).  This licence grants you permission to share freely and make derivative versions, translations, etc., provided that you cite Gemma Burford as the original author and require all future users to do the same.