The mystery of Reunion: healing the separation of Earth and Sky

So what do I mean by `Reunion’ in my forthcoming novel, The Nineteen Songs of Reunion?

On one level, it’s about trying to help people to bring together the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within themselves.  This, according to the early Gnostic Christians – those who saw Jesus’ message as being primarily about an inner ‘knowing’ (gnosis), about who we can become when we really get beyond all artificial divisions and realise that All is One – is the true goal of life.

But in another, it’s about trying to bridge the gap between Christianity and earth-based spiritual paths.  We’ve come through so many centuries of separation – of denigration of Mother Earth and glorification of the Heavenly Father, of genocide perpetrated against women who knew about medicinal plants and sacred landscapes, of entire economies and cultures driven by masculine energy – that most people in Western societies are growing up in a completely unbalanced way.  We think ‘religion’ means sitting in the church, the mosque, the temple or the synagogue, and listening to someone preaching.  We think ‘nature’ is somewhere to go in the summer holidays, and ‘the environment’ is what you save when you put your empty plastic bottle in the recycling bag instead of the bin.

We imagine that we’re all separate from each other, from the Land, and from the Spirit that created and creates us.

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So here, in response, are the full lyrics of The Song of the Maiden:

“After the coldest, darkest night, come melt the frost and ice and snow:

Now is the time to reunite what was divided long ago:

After the time of pain and grief, when Earth and Sky were torn apart,

Now is the time to bring relief: O Saviour, heal this Maiden’s heart!


(Chorus:) Heal my heart, Saviour, remind me the power of this land where I belong;

Heal my soul, let your Love find me, and open up my ears to hear your song;

Heal my dreams, let me heal others, reconciliation cannot wait:

Heal the earth, sisters and brothers: now is the time, it isn’t yet too late…


Lord, when I thought all hope was lost, you rose again to set me free:

Thawing my heart from winter’s frost, you lit your Sacred Flame in me!

This is the season of rebirth: let’s leave behind the empty tomb,

Pushing their way through frozen earth, my hopes and dreams like snowdrops bloom.

Heal my heart, Saviour, remind me…


Deep in my heart let me forgive, and seek the way where Love will rise;

Learn to receive, and learn to give, and see the truth through Spirit’s eyes:

Honour the Sacred Masculine – the Father, Spirit, and the Son;

Honour the Sacred Feminine, Goddess and God; for All is One.

Heal my heart, Saviour, remind me…


Warrior Maidens who remain, remembering the sacred vow,

Come and let’s take our place again, emerging from the shadows now;

No longer living in disguise, no longer hiding, playing small…

The time has come for us to rise; the time has come to change it all!

Heal our hearts, Saviour, remind us the power of this land where we belong;

Heal our souls, let your Love find us, and open up our ears to hear your song;

Heal our dreams, let us heal others, reconciliation cannot wait:

Heal our earth, sisters and brothers: now is the time, it isn’t yet too late…




About gemmaburford

I've travelled to many places, tried on a lot of different professional 'hats' - researcher, designer, teacher, artist, CEO, management consultant - but the work that brings me alive is all about reconnection. Reconnecting people with each other, with nature, with their inner creativity and soul purpose, with their own bodies and what makes them well… and with the Mystery that runs through everything.

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